D.I.Y Veggie Car Conversion Workshop

D.I.Y VEGGIE CAR CONVERSION WORKSHOP!!Come learn how to turn your diesel-guzzler into a veggie-eater!TUESDAY OCTOBER 22, 200710:00 a.m until wheneverMy house, 705 Hampshire Street between 19th and 20thWant to learn how to convert your car to run on waste vegetable oil without buying an expensive conversion kit? We’re not talking biodiesel here- this is the … Continue reading D.I.Y Veggie Car Conversion Workshop


Approaching rock bottom?

In an interview with the Canon Professional Network when asked about the state of photojournalism, Time magazine Director of Photography Mary Ann Golon replied, "I don't want to jump on the bandwagon of people saying that photojournalism is dead, but it has never been in worse shape than it is right now. "