D.I.Y Veggie Car Conversion Workshop

grease cars, lectures

D.I.Y VEGGIE CAR CONVERSION WORKSHOP!!Come learn how to turn your diesel-guzzler into a veggie-eater!TUESDAY OCTOBER 22, 200710:00 a.m until wheneverMy house, 705 Hampshire Street between 19th and 20th

Want to learn how to convert your car to run on waste vegetable oil without buying an expensive conversion kit? We’re not talking biodiesel here- this is the real thing, 100% used grease straight outta your local restaurant’s fryolator. Please come to this day-long workshop with visiting East Coast veggie oil conversion master Patrick Keaney (of greengreasemonkeys.com) who will be converting my 1983 Mercedes “Esmerelda” to use an entirely D.I.Y kit which created from hardware store parts! We’ll be installing all the valves, tubing, extra tank, and other necessary parts to get Esmerelda using 100% vegetable oil instead of biodiesel. Our workshop will start at 10 a.m, and will go until whenever the conversion is done. This usually takes Patrick about 4 hours, but since we’ll be going slow, taking questions, and explaining all the steps, you can count on the workshop lasting longer. RSVP requested but not necessary, send an email to Rine (at) riseup.net. This workshop is gonna take place in the driveway of 705 Hampshire Street. Bring lunch!

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