Iraq in California

Today I made an early morning trek down to Fort Hunter Liggett, a 165,o000 acre army base near Monterey, California to photograph an “urban war simulation exercise” for Reuters.  You can check out the whole story on the front page of the Reuters site- just look for Iraq in California.


The Super Bowl

Here’s a multimedia piece by Reuters staffer Lucy Nicholson briefly detailing what it’s like to shoot an event as big as the American superbowl. In it, my boss at Reuters, Gary, talks about the coordination and organizational structure that kept Reuters on top of their (pardon the pun) game.

Though I respect those who do it, I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to shoot sports as a specialty. Lately, I’ve been considering it more and more though, simply because I know I can do action, and it would probably mean more money in my pocket if I took that sideways step. 

(to be continued)