Yankee Stadium as Popeland, Day #3

mainstream media, photojournalism

Way too tired to post, but you can check out my work here:

Pope related pictures from  April 18th, 19th, and 20th

Or there’s pics on Time Magazine online, in their slideshow. Or, on the front page of the Boston Globe’s website. Or here, at Redux Pictures.

Yawn! So in lieu of my own photos, here’s a funny one my friend Bill Auth took of me, while I was wedged between a few Secret Service agents, an NYPD photog, and Police Commissioner Kelly today at the Yankee Stadium Mass.

Of course, I ended making friends with the agent on the left. He asked for a picture of himself with the Pope in the background. These Secret Service guys, I swear!

Last night, after the show ended in Yonkers, myself and my wonderful fellow photographer Erin Feinburg (yes, Chris hired two Erins, more on that later) were in the production trailer uploading our images. In popped two agents, who gave us expensive-looking business cards, along with very sheepish grins. They wanted to know if we’d taken any photos of the Pope with them in the background.


I found a shot with one of them- though it’s not exactly the Pope in the background.


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