Chris LaMarca’s book opening

art photo, musings

Tonight I stopped by the Powerhouse Arena in DUMBO to check out the launch of  “Forest Defenders,” Chris LaMarca’s new book. Also at the arena that night was a show called Shifting Landscapes, a beautiful albeit incongruent selection of huge photographs taken by Lamarca, Josh Lutz, Olaf Otto Becker, Edward Burtynsky, David Maisel, and Simon Norfolk. The subject matter dealt loosely with natural landscapes and the imposition of man/ human relationships with them, but to me the chosen images connected on an almost purely aesthetic level.

Here’s how the PH website defined the show:

“Shifting Landscapes features Olaf Otto Becker’s serene photographs of Greenland’s sprawling and rapidly melting glaciers; Edward Burtynsky’s vast and unimaginable mountainous landscape of discarded tires; Joshua Lutz’s intimate study of New Jersey’s dwindling natural wetlands and the landfills and poorly planned developments responsible for their destruction; Christopher LaMarca’s activist inspired documentary work with elusive forest defenders in majestic and vulnerable north western old growth forests; David Maisel’s bird’s eye perspective on a convergence of roadways in Los Angeles exposing abused desert terrain; and Simon Norfolk’s photographs of the detritus of decades of war in Afghanistan and Iraq as philosophical metaphors for the foolishness of pride, awe and the sublime, and the vanity of Empire.” 

Um. Right.

I’m excitedly awaiting my copy of LaMarca’s book in the mail, and judging by the beautiful cover image and design, it should be a good one. Can’t wait to see if any of the photos are of the “forest defenders” I know, and I’m equally excited to see how LaMarca, who I’m guessing is an outsider to America’s anarchist/radical movement, handles his subject matter.

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