The Wylers

What was supposed to be an hour long interview morphed into a day spent with the Wylers. This is Marvin, and his second of four wives, Charlotte. The family has 34 children and over 100 grandchildren. Marvin's story, like many excommunicated FDLS members, is long and tangled. Though almost everything he told me was on … Continue reading The Wylers

Short Creek

Short Creek is the old name for the sister cities of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona. As seen below, members of the Priesthood (alos known as the FLDS) were instructed by their prophet, Warren Jeffs, to erect fences around their homes. The purpose of the fence is twofold: to both keep "outsider" eyes out, … Continue reading Short Creek

Utah & Arizona

Tomorrow I'm heading to Utah and Arizona to try and shoot a story that's pretty much impossible to gain access to. Despite lacking interior contacts, I've decided to just head in with crossed fingers, my gear, a rented car, a sleeping bag, and hope. Lots of hope.