The Wylers

What was supposed to be an hour long interview morphed into a day spent with the Wylers. This is Marvin, and his second of four wives, Charlotte. The family has 34 children and over 100 grandchildren.

Marvin’s story, like many excommunicated FDLS members, is long and tangled. Though almost everything he told me was on the record and recorded, it’s too difficult to appropriately abridge and convey here. In a nutshell, his life and some of his choices would seem immoral to much of mainstream America. But again, in terms of FDLS relations, it’s all relative.

On an odd note, he told me much more than he did to the NYT reporters who talked to his family for this story. In fact, some of what I learned actually makes information in that article factually incorrect. I understand and appreciate why Marvin didn’t tell more to the Times reporters- it’s too easy to misconstrue, and our sensationalistic American media beast would simply chew him up and spit him out.

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