Back Up & Running

Whew, OK, the heartache is starting to fade, helped by the presence of a kind distraction. 

This week I’ve been in the land of audio editing, which means lots of possibly unwarranted facetime with my computer screen and Final Cut Pro. The interviews from Short Creek are long and unwieldy, and it’s been a bit tricky whittling away at the narrative. A new batch of promo cards are also about to go out… if you want one, get in touch!

World Press Photo has added an amazing feature to the site: interviews with each award winners. (Give them each a few seconds to load). To me, it’s always incredibly fascinating to get a chance to see what makes each photographer tick, what draws them to their stories. How their own realities collide with those which they seek out. Those who are comfortable away from the shield of the camera, out in front, and those who are not. The varying strains of visual articulacy.

In other news, Cornell Capa passed this morning. I’ll leave you with this quote, used in the Magnum slideshow commemorating his life.

“…”The idea that any photography can’t be personal is madness! … I see something; it goes through my eye, brain, heart, guts; I chose the subject. What could be more personal than that?”

-Cornell Capa

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