Anne O’Hare McCormick Scholarship

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Rockin’ way to wake up! I got a call this morning from Joan Sullivan, the president of the Newswomen’s Club of New York. As it turns out, I’m one of two women selected to receive the Anne O’Hare McCormick award for 2008!

Big, big thanks to Brendan McDermid at Reuters, for telling me about it the award- and then pretty much forcing my skeptical ass to apply. Thanks also to Gary Hershorn and Meryl Levin for the recommendations.

In further exciting news, I photographed amazing artist Star St. Germain today, and will be picking up negs of the lovely Sadie Lune and her snake-children from the lab tomorrow morning… so more portraits are on their way!

Iraq War Vet turned Farmer: Chris Whittaker

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The second Iraq war vet turned farmer I photographed for this story is the wonderful Chris Whittaker, who now works on Fresh Edibles Community Farm with his father, Bob. Chris got back from Iraq this past September, and between his Army discipline and his dad’s mainstream agricultural background, got their farm up and running. 

Chris picking kale.

A really happy Bob and a candycane beet- yep, seriously, it’s a striped beet. And it’s delicious.

After only a year of business, Fresh Edibles makes deliveries of organic vegetable boxes to over 50 clients twice a week around the Stockton, California area. Bob and Chris wouldn’t let me leave the farm without taking my own overflowing crate of vegetables, picked while we were out in the fields.

They were the best tomatoes I’ve ever tasted. 


Reuters Multimedia Pieces: Gay Marriage

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Also, here’s a story called “Third Time’s a Charm” that Reuters put together with photos I shot last week. Click here to check it out.

Here’s some of my stuff that they’ve packaged from the past few days of weddings:

Multimedia page

Story with photos

UPDATE: And yet another link, in which Bidar (the Bisexual Writer’s Association) deconstructs Reuters “gaywashed” reporting on the piece.

Let the Gay Marriage Chaos begin!

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And begin it did, with me having some crap luck for once and getting stuck in a really bad spot for the historic wedding of Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin. Damn. Yep, the wedding cake was exactly in front of Del’s head. Let’s just say that the picture desk editors in Singapore spiked all but 5 photos I filed. 

Outside afterwards, there were a few demonstrators-  something I’d much rather be shooting than a crowded press conference disguised as a wedding reception. 

Twentysomething LBGTQI Portrait: Emma

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Emma was one of those people who just take your breath away- she was stunning. If there ever could be a modern day Mona Lisa, she’d be it. My film came out looking dated, underexposed, which was only partially intentional- it left me wishing I’d been shooting anything but large format, that I’d taken 100 frames instead of the 4-6 allotted for each session. 


And yes, that is a badass Emma Goldman tattoo on her chest.

Twentysomething Queer Portrait Project

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New series! I’m shooting portraits of people who self-define as twentysomething queers/ LGBTQI.

The first portrait is Stephen.

Most of my subjects so far are friends of friends, or else have heard about the series through my amazing know-everyone friend Lisa Jervis, or through Daisy Hernandez. A few people have also answered a post on Craigslist, and are simply patient strangers willing to sit while I deathmatch my lights and 4×5 camera into submission. 


The Welfare Queens


Last night, I photographed the welfareQueens, a San Francisco project, at the office of Poor Magazine for Make/Shift. In their own words:

“Through intentional use of the highly problematic objectifying label/stereotype of ‘welfare queen’, originally coined by Ronald Reagan as an extremely derogatory reference to poor mothers who were receiving cash aid from Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), the welfare QUEENS project will re-contextualize the word and who it refers to in the framework of a post welfare reform, increasing stratified American society. This society makes it illegal to be poor; this society does not recognize, support or legitimize the “work” involved in raising children; and this society is quick to accuse poor mothers of the crime of being poor rather than recognize the heroism of their survival.

Through the creation of a play, movie, publication and education project of the same name, a group of mothers, daughters, sons and fathers who have survived, struggled and dealt with this ongoing oppression will tell their stories, enact their struggles and realize their dreams of survival, thrival and resistance.

The team of very low-income, poets, writers, and storytellers who are or have been on welfare, struggled as working poor, immigrant or homeless parents, sons or daughters, will write, co-direct and act in this play in an ensemble cast. The team is led by poverty justice organizer, poet, journalist, co-founder of POOR Magazine/PoorNewsNetwork, and author of the recently published memoir, Criminal of Poverty – Growing up Homeless in America, Lisa Gray-Garcia aka Tiny.”