LBGTQI Portrait: Hilary



FX Photo Exhibition: Saturday!

  If you're around the Bay Area this weekend, come out and support the First Exposures graduation show, which is the final exhibition of the youth in the photo mentoring program I've been with this past year. Just about every single image is absolutely amazing- so seriously get there, and check it out.

Twentysomething Queer Portrait Project

New series! I'm shooting portraits of people who self-define as twentysomething queers/ LGBTQI. The first portrait is Stephen. Most of my subjects so far are friends of friends, or else have heard about the series through my amazing know-everyone friend Lisa Jervis, or through Daisy Hernandez. A few people have also answered a post on Craigslist, and are simply … Continue reading Twentysomething Queer Portrait Project

The Welfare Queens

Last night, I photographed the welfareQueens, a San Francisco project, at the office of Poor Magazine for Make/Shift. In their own words: "Through intentional use of the highly problematic objectifying label/stereotype of 'welfare queen', originally coined by Ronald Reagan as an extremely derogatory reference to poor mothers who were receiving cash aid from Aid to Families … Continue reading The Welfare Queens