On Brad: 2 Years Later


I can’t stop missing Brad lately. I think it’s the changing seasons. 

There’s a lot to write about, now, almost two years afterwards.  Many questions remain unanswered. Yesterday, the La Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos (CNDH) released a report finding that the report into the murder investigation by the Attorney General for the State of Oaxaca contained irregularities.

Last week, the badly decomposed body of 20-year-old Marcella Grace Eiler was found 80 miles south of Oaxaca City. Marcella had lived for a month with the family of a person who witnessed Brad’s murder, and the details about her killing are still murky. A man named Omar Yoguez Singu has confessed to killing her with a machete after an argument.

Both Brad and Marceclla had worked to support and document the fight of la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO).

Here’s an interview with Brad, recorded years ago, on pirate radio and the FCC.

I’ve been trying to write about the intersections of his murder, the Merida Initiative, and Mexican politics, but it’s still too raw and difficult.  

NYBF Final Night: The Golden Pasties

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Last night was the final night of the 2008 New York Burlesque Festival, ending with the Golden Pasty awards. My favorite act of the night? Darlinda Just Darlinda closed the show, shimmying her way out of a star-spangled dress only to pull a photograph of Sarah Palin out of, um, a body cavity.


She subsequently ripped up the pic. If that’s not representative of New York burlesque, I honestly don’t know what is.


Which Safeguards Protect Humans and the Environment in Hurricane-Prone Gulf Coast?

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While I was in New Orleans, I reported a feature for Free Speech Radio News…

Each time hurricanes like this year’s Ike and Gustav hit the Gulf coast, the high number of petrochemical plants and refineries in the region pose grave environment risks. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita demonstrated the inadequacies of many petrochemical facilities when million of gallons of oil and petrochemicals entered the Gulf eco-system. But three years later, which safeguards have been taken to protect communities and the environment are still largely a mystery. 

Listen to the full report here!