PDN 30 and Relentless Bleeding

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This week I got an “official invitation” from the PDN 30 folks, saying I’ve landed in a “select group of talented photographers for this first stage of the PDN ’30’ process.” 

Which is mildly uplifting news, in the face of the incorrigible shape-shifting that continues to mark the current media landscape. There’s some arterial bleeding happening, and it’s going to take more than band-aids like layoffs to ebb the flow. 

Yesterday, Reuters reported that the AP would be cutting 10%, or roughly 400, jobs in 2009. And of course, Time Inc. continues to shrivel- Gawker reports that Time Europe is laying of 20 of 30 editorial staffers.

And then there’s this sad, sad story about a former photo editors working in mail room at his paper.