PDN 30 and Relentless Bleeding

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This week I got an “official invitation” from the PDN 30 folks, saying I’ve landed in a “select group of talented photographers for this first stage of the PDN ’30’ process.” 

Which is mildly uplifting news, in the face of the incorrigible shape-shifting that continues to mark the current media landscape. There’s some arterial bleeding happening, and it’s going to take more than band-aids like layoffs to ebb the flow. 

Yesterday, Reuters reported that the AP would be cutting 10%, or roughly 400, jobs in 2009. And of course, Time Inc. continues to shrivel- Gawker reports that Time Europe is laying of 20 of 30 editorial staffers.

And then there’s this sad, sad story about a former photo editors working in mail room at his paper.

One thought on “PDN 30 and Relentless Bleeding

  1. Hey Erin,

    Wow, thank you so much for your words! I loved being with you in the discussion group as well, on a whole I think we all really worked together and respected each other’s opinions and thoughts. It’s tough to talk about these kinds of issues definitively, but I am really happy that there are journalists like you out there, thinking about these things as well.

    I’m honored to be graduating in the same class as you, hope we can keep up the contact afterwards!

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