American Youth Book

The website for the new Redux book launched today! 

“American Youth”, published worldwide by contrasto, will be in stores and available online May 2009.

The book was edited with the help of Bill Black (Reader’s Digest), Karen Frank (Conde Nast Portfolio), Jeanne Graves (BestLife), Armin Harris (Fortune), Katherine Harris (The Daily Beast), Jane Hwang (, Michelle Jackson (freelance art buyer, owner of SnapIndigo), Nadja Masri (GEO), Brenda Milis (Men’s Health), Bruce Perez (Redbook), Dora Somosi (GQ) and Allyson Torrisi (Popular Mechanics).

By the photographers of Redux Pictures:

Marc Asnin
Ben Baker
Nina Berman
David Butow
Peter Frank Edwards
Danny Wilcox Frazier
Eros Hoagland
John Keatley
Andy Kropa
Erika Larsen
Gina LeVay
Joshua Lutz
Preston Mack
Kevin J. Miyazaki
Darcy Padilla
Mark Peterson
Michael Rubenstein
Greg Ruffing
Q. Sakamaki
Erin Siegal
Angie Smith
Ben Stechschulte
Brad Swonetz
Nathaniel Welch
David Yellen

What a privilege it is to be among such great photographers! Thanks goes to the wonderful Jasmine at Redux for her faith in my work.


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