Time.com piece on the new book

Photo Book_ American Youth - Photo Essays - TIME


Time magazine’s website has a slideshow up of work from American Youth up, and one of my pictures is the lead! Many thanks to Redux for bringing me onboard the AmYouth project. If you wanna check out the book, it can be purchased on Amazon.


Investigative project: Behind Online Pharma



This spring, I’ve been working in a team of fifteen investigative-journos-in-training a blog delving into the complicated world of cybercrime and online pharmacies. All writing and reporting is by the 2009 fellows at the Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Reporting at Columbia University. The final project website is here!

One of my pieces is on the operation of marketers/ affiliate e-pharma networks. The project site also contains lots of blog posts– over the course of the last four months, our team has been blogging all things related to e-pharma, from law enforcement to new technology to advertising skirting F.D.A. regulations.