Ivy League Liberation


Summer’s finally here!

And I’m no longer a full-time student at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.  Though many friends & classmates are scattering back across the globe, a good chunk of the student body are starting internships at various stripes of awkwardly-floundering news organizations. There are Masters of Journalism now, working for free, at any number of outlets, from Sports Illustrated to Time to the Daily News. Some are paid internly salaries. Most are not. So is it a wise choice? 

Tough call. In the current zeitgeist, frankly, I just don’t understand the dollars and sense of working in no-wage positions with such grim prospects regarding upward mobility. 

I can’t say that I’m all too distressed to be parting with a ten-month everyday relationship with the Ivy League. I’ve had more than enough input, understanding, advice, surprise, and spectacle (you guess the link on that one…) from one of New York’s shiniest ivory towers for now. Any and all tips for washing off the trace radioactive glow are appreciated.

Stay tuned for another post. I’m considering updating the old Michael Lewis classic.

For now, as I’m kicking back into full-fledged freelance mode, this blog will be facing an impending interface makeover, as well as a content overhaul. 

In the  meantime, the new Redux book is getting lotsa of attention- as in, the Washington Post,  flavorwire, PDN, and NPR. It’s also going to exhibited at Rome’s Fotografia festival.

Copies are available from Amazon, Powells, and PhotoEye!

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