Freedom from the Press


The best part of this gig has got to be the fact that I’m not press. Since I’m staff, I don’t have to remain on a press riser. Actually, I never have to set foot on one. I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

This is the chaos inside the media center. I mean, centre.

un media

To be honest, that part looks like fun. Lots more happening than upstairs in the photo unit headquarters. Here’s a luncheon, with some presidents and heads of states.

un presserYup, I’m roaming. Sweet.

United Nations General Assembly, 2009

clips, words

I’m in NYC for the next two weeks, working as a United Nations staff photog for this year’s General Assembly. It’s mostly shooting images like this, but there’s occasionally a little low-key differentiation.

GA pm

Personally, I’m having a blast taking pictures of the actual building itself, and various U.N. accoutrements. Yeah, I said it, accoutrements. Hey, half the building’s signage is in French! It begins to rub off. This is a photograph I took early on, while I was supposed to be shooting a rather dreary press conference. Yup, it’s true: the U.N. covers its electrical outlets in wallpaper.

un outlet

Art Crush of the Month: Mr. Toledano

art photo, file under: hope

I’m not exactly sure how, but I missed Phillip Toledano’s “Days With My Father” when it first came out. It’s now going to be made into a book by Chronicle Books, released next June.


Here’s an interview that Andrew over at What’s the Jackanory did with Toledano about his work, his methodology, and lots more.

A few of his other projects include Phone SexAmerica the Gift Shop, and  Hope and Fear.