Chilenizacion de la Fotografia

What might be my last art crush of 2009: The beautiful "Chilenization of Photography" blog. by Fernando Melo, from his collection "Concepción fotográfica" (Photographic Conception) by Rosario Montero Prieto, from the gorgeous series "Habitaciones Paranoicas" (Paranoid Rooms) by Marco Fredes, from the series "Cuasimodos" (Quasimodos, a central Chilean religious celebration on the Sunday after Easter)

It’s Official: I’ve been Redux’ed

Yup, it's true: I'm a Redux contributor! For almost four years, I've been working towards becoming an official contributor, instead of just one of the many photographers who sells stock through the agency. The confidence and faith of both founder Marcel Saba and agent Jasmine DeFoore has been wonderfully inspiring and encouraging.