Haiti: Photographer Roll Call


Q. How many photographers does it take to cover an earthquake?

A. Too many for me to count accurately…

But here’s a stab at a roll call, gleaned from clips and discussions on Lightstalkers and various photo agency blogs…

Michael Appleton, NYT, Ozier Mohammed, NYT, Damon Winters, NYT, Ruth Fremson, NYT, Fred Conrad, NYT, Tim Fadek, TIME magazine, Keith Marlowe, LIFE, Jim Nachtwey, TIME magazine, Evan Abramson, Nick Weissman, James Oatway, Sam Albright, Jospeph Molieri, Jeff Antebi (NPR), Mark Ovaska, Andy Levin, Carlos Barria, Reuters, Roberto Schmidt, AFP, Chris Hondros, Getty, Eliana Aponte, Reuters, Tomas Bravo, Reuters, Gerald Herbert, AP, Thony Belizaire, AFP, Win McNamee, Getty, Jean-philippe Ksiazek, AFP, Louis Quail, Maggie Steber. NYT, Ron Haviv, People magazine, Peter Periera, Simon Biswas, Zoriah, Jan Grarup, Gary Fabiano, Joao Pina, Fred Dufour, Getty, Joe Raedle, Getty, Stan Honda, AFP, Hughes Leglise-Bataille, Willie Davis, Michael Mullady, Q. Sakimaki, Pedro Farias-Nardi, Mark Peterson, Tequila Minsky, Jeremy Cowart, James Wardell, Shayne Robinson, Jayms Ramirez, Kevin C. Downs, Rick Loomis, LA Times, Carolyn Cole, LA Times, Brian Vander Brug, LA Times, David Levine, Guardian. Bruno Stevens, Cosmos, Jeroen Oerleman, Panos, Moises Saman, Panos, William Daniels, Panos, Julie Platner, WSJ, Dominic Nahr, WSJ, Charles Ommaney, Newsweek, Peter Power, Globe and Mail, Julie Remy, MSF UK, ADRIANA ZEHBRAUSKAS / POLARIS, Alvaro Ybarra Zavala,Getty

Daniel Morel, who contributes to Corbis, is the only Haitian photographer I’ve heard of who’s getting any play. Can anyone correct me? An interview that the NYT Lens blog did with him is here.

So is that enough?

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