Up, up, and away!


I’m speechless. After just six days- six!!- of my book being listed on Kickstarter, I’ve reached my target funding goal of $3,000.

As of today, a grand total of fifty-five people have chipped in, contributing anything from five to five hundred dollars. I really didn’t expect everything to happen so fast, but because it did, today I’m booking my tickets to return to Guatemala for a final month and a half of writing and reporting.

While I’m there, I’ll continue blogging over at Kickstarter, and I’ll also be posting to the new project site I launched last week, FindingFernanda.com.

Right now, the project website is simply a rough draft. I built it myself from a WordPress template, and I’m not going to shape it into an in-depth, multimedia project home until I’m finished writing and reporting the actual manuscript. Gotta take things one step at a time. But come October, after my book deadline, expect some major changes!

The site will not only house photos and audio, but source documents as well, including leaked emails, government files obtained via FOIA request, and much, much more.

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