Why Aren’t You Blogging?

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Well, I was! But my posts have been over at Kickstarter, under “updates” on my project page there. The blog is for backers only. Now that the fundraising campaign is over, I’ll be occasionally posting here, and also beginning to create a blog over at my book’s website.

Right now, I’m in the last 30-day stretch of my first manuscript deadline for Finding Fernanda! On October 1st, I’ll be handing in about 300 pages to my editor at Beacon Press. I’m terribly excited.

Meanwhile, for the month of August, I’ve been in Guatemala City reporting. During the past few weeks, my reporting partner Juan Carlos Llorca and I have tried to do daily reporter’s updates via video. We’re not very good at it, but I’m going to try to edit the clips into a bunch of somewhat-watchable clips. No promises, but they’re meant to end up on the website for Finding Fernanda once it’s fully up and running.

I’ve also learned how to cook pollo con loroco. Mmmmm.

Contributed Reporting: NYT cover story

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BAXTER, Minn. — Beechestore and Rosecarline, two Haitian teenagers in the throes of puberty, were not supposed to be adopted.

At the end of last year, American authorities denied the petition of a couple here, Marc and Teresa Stroot, to adopt the brother and sister after their biological father opposed relinquishing custody.

Reluctantly, Mr. and Mrs. Stroot, a special-needs teaching assistant and a sales executive with four children of their own, decided to move on.

Then on Jan. 12, a devastating earthquake toppled Haiti’s capital and set off an international adoption bonanza in which some safeguards meant to protect children were ignored.

Read the whole piece on the New York Times website! It’s by Ginger Thompson, and I contributed reporting.