Outtakes: ¡MÁS Galgos Guapos! (MORE Handsome Hounds!)

My latest piece for Reuters, Los Galgos Guapos,  is up over on the Reuters’ Pictures Photographers Blog. There were a bunch of images that didn’t fit into the blog, or make it onto the wire. Here are a few of my very favorites from the story:


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Erin Siegal McIntyre


5 thoughts on “Outtakes: ¡MÁS Galgos Guapos! (MORE Handsome Hounds!)”

  1. Beautiful photos Erin, and thank you so much for helping to spread the word about retired greyhound adoption. We adopted our first here in Charlotte, NC through Greyhound Crossroads in SC in the early ’00s, and now we have 2 in the house at all times!

  2. Beautiful doggies! One of our dogs is part greyhound, so it’s always fascinating to see her larger cousins at play. The freed doggie in the last pic is the most uplifting of them all, although the one in the second pic looks awfully happy, too.

  3. We have a similar program in Australia. In Victoria it is called GAP. (Greyhound Adoption Program) I have 2 beautiful dogs living with me now and often wonder how I went without for so long. They are the most docile, adoring animals ever and absolutely lapping up their retirement. I also have several friends with Greys. One writes a great blog. His name is Chris Champion and the blog is called Zoomies. Its all about his beautiful dogs adventures. A funny and touching read that will make you want to get a Greyhound then and there. Keep up the great work Fast Friends.

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