“Border deaths: The last crossing of Tiger Martinez”

"TUCSON, Ariz. — On Oct. 3, 2012, Pima County's deputy chief medical examiner and two assistants peeled open a flat white vinyl body bag. The corpse inside was recovered in Cochise County, part of the hot Arizona desert lands also known as the Corridor of Death. According to the autopsy report, the 24-year-old man with … Continue reading “Border deaths: The last crossing of Tiger Martinez”

Tijuana’s ‘tent city’ shelters deported immigrants | PHOTOS

Written by Michelle García, photographs by Erin Siegal McIntyre.  TIJUANA, Mexico — There was a time when Javier Reyes conferred with architects about building plans, when a day's work meant constructing new homes for Californians near Bakersfield. But the world of bricks and plywood he once knew has been replaced by a sea of brightly colored … Continue reading Tijuana’s ‘tent city’ shelters deported immigrants | PHOTOS

PDN 30 and Relentless Bleeding

This week I got an "official invitation" from the PDN 30 folks, saying I've landed in a "select group of talented photographers for this first stage of the PDN '30' process."  Which is mildly uplifting news, in the face of the incorrigible shape-shifting that continues to mark the current media landscape. There's some arterial bleeding happening, and it's going … Continue reading PDN 30 and Relentless Bleeding

Helen Thomas Returns

Somehow, I find the return of Helen Thomas to the White House Press Corps strangely heartwarming. What's heartbreaking is the nasty running commentary on both MediaBistro and YouTube. Yeah, she's not exactly objective. But given the lackadaisical state of the White House press corps, is that really detrimental?

The Art of the FOIA, or, an Art Student Tries Math

Over the past week, I've been scrambling to learn as much as possible about the fine art of FOIA'ing- that is, requesting access to government documents via Freedom of Information Act requests. Oddly enough, today it's leading me to crunch numbers. The director of the Stabile Center for Investigative Reporting, Sheila Coronel, emailed a link … Continue reading The Art of the FOIA, or, an Art Student Tries Math

what’s a “papal youth rally”?

Actually, it's when Christian musical acts perform for bunch of nuns, seminarians, students from Catholic high schools and universities, and the Pope himself. An excited nun. One of the singers from Christian super-group Toby Mac. The Pope arrives backstage. A devout kid gets to meet him onstage. Kelly Clarkson performs "Ave Maria" for the Pope. … Continue reading what’s a “papal youth rally”?